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All warehouse receipts covering cotton stored by Farmers are issued with the following language:


RECEIVED on account of: ______________________________________________________
ONE BALE OF COTTON (the Bale) described herein to be delivered to bearer upon return of this receipt and the payment of all warehousing fees and charges applicable to the Bale which are due the undersigned Association as warehouseman. The Bale is insured for the full market value thereof against loss or damage by fire and lightning under a Standard Form of Fire Insurance Policy approved for cotton warehouses in the State in which the warehouse is located. The Association, on behalf of its producer member-patron who delivered the Bale to the warehouse, claims a lien on the Bale represented by this receipt against the holder of this receipt for sales proceeds in the amount of all lawful charges for storage, compression, transportation, insurance, labor or other charges, present or future incurred in relation to the Bale at the rate of the Association’s tariff and for expenses necessary for its preservation or reasonably incurred in its sale pursuant to law. By negotiation or transfer of this receipt all sellers and all buyers agree that the amount of all charges incurred which are due or become due to the Association are payable to it as sale proceeds collected on behalf of its producer member-patrons to be distributed to them after the deduction of marketing expenses under the terms and conditions of their marketing agreements and bylaws of the Association. If the Bale is pledged to secure a loan with the Commodity Credit Corporation and not
redeemed prior to acquisition by CCC, the foregoing lien is for those services and rates stated on the current Schedule of Rates in the Association’s Storage Agreement with CCC.


Rate Per Bale
1. RECEIVING, includes tagging, weighing, Sample for U.S.D.A./H.V.I. class, issuing insured
negotiable warehouse receipt by computer (Electronic Warehouse Receipt
System) and placing in storage.......$4.10
Includes collection of fees for producers to:
Boll Weevil Control Program.......1.00
Plains Cotton Improvement Program.......10
2. Storage, each day includes fire insurance with a 30 day minimum.......07
3. DELIVERY, includes picking out by tag number, removing from storage, six-letter mark, and loading.......5.25
5. EXTRA MARKING, in excess of six letters.......25
6. SAMPLING, includes removing cotton from and returning to storage,
customary handling and sacking.......5.00
A. Sample from one side of bale only.......$2.50
7. EXTRA SET OF SAMPLES, at time of any shipping.......2.00
8. WEIGHING at time of shipment, includes original and three copies of certified weight sheet.......2.00
9. WEIGHING, includes removing cotton from and returning to storage, original and three copies
of certified weight sheet.......5.00
10. WEIGHING AND SAMPLING, includes removing cotton from and returning to storage,
original and three copies of certified weight sheet, customary handling and sacking of samples.......6.00
12. DRAYAGE, to other warehouses in Lubbock.......3.50
13. DRAYAGE, (Rail only) to consolidate between FCC plants: in Lubbock.......2.00
14. APPLYING SPECIAL TAGS at time of shipment.......50
15. CONSOLIDATION of cotton from other warehouses in lots, includes, unloading, checking by marks only,
15 days storage, and reloading. Additional Storage will be at rate of 15¢ per bale per day. Reshipment
instructions required before arrival of cotton.......3.50
16. CANCELLATION of delivery order after cotton is blocked.......10.00
17. MATCHING SPECIAL TAGS to bales by bale number.......1.00
18. Early shipping orders not released 1 day before loading.......5.00
19. Special services, loading flatbed trucks........1.00
20. SERVICES NOT LISTED, including expedited service, reconcentration, will be performed at rates agreed upon at time
services are requested.

John Dunlap, Board Chairman
Ron Harkey, CEO/President

Tariff Provisions

Storage charges will begin on receiving date as indicated on electronic warehouse receipt. Storage charges will stop the date complete shipping instructions and electronic warehouse receipts are received in the Lubbock office, or agreed upon load date, whichever is later. Shipments which cannot be delivered for reasons not controlled by Farmers will be charged additional storage at the rate of 25 cents per bale per day beginning the third day following the dates shipments are scheduled for loading and ending dates of actual loading. For any shipment delayed over ten days, the rate increases to 50 cents per day, beginning on the eleventh day. An “All Risks” insurance policy is carried by Farmers to cover each bale of cotton represented by each electronic warehouse receipt issued. The insurance is for the market value of each bale at the time and place loss occurs and covers fire and other perils including the following: sprinkler malfunction, fire, lightning, windstorm, cyclone, tornado, hurricane, flood including influx or rising water (whether wind driven or not) or inherent explosion and other risk (whether an act of God or force majeure.) Coverage automatically attaches as soon as a bale is placed in the warehouse operator’s custody and whether or not a receipt is issued. Coverage remains in effect so long as the bale remains in the warehouse operator’s legal custody. Customary exclusions include, but are not limited to, delay, inherent vice, war risk, terrorism, and loss or damage resulting from nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or nuclear radioactive and/or contamination arising from biological and chemical agents. Direct loss or damage by fire resulting from nuclear reaction is covered. For additional information regarding the insurance policy please contact us. Growers, shippers, or other persons who have cotton stored have the responsibility to obtain additional insurance to cover contract for sale valuation (prices higher than market value or the difference between contracted prices and market values) and/or for perils other than enumerated herein such as acts of civil or military authority, invasion, insurrection, federal government, nuclear incident, reaction or radiation, radioactive contamination, public enemy, war or any other events beyond our control.
This company reserves the right to deduct from any payment all applicable accrued and/or incurred charges such as receiving, storage, compression. Reasonable efforts will be made to detect and report to owners visible damages to cotton being handled and stored. Claims of damage to cotton shipped will not be considered when notice of the alleged damage and inspection by Farmers is not allowed before repairs or reconditioning is done. Farmers is not responsible for invisible damage, inherent or latent defects, lint qualities or values, contaminates within bales, or losses in weight other than from its own errors in weighing. DELIVERY Cotton growers own and operate Farmers to enhance marketing of cotton produced on their farms. Their policy requires timely and orderly delivery of shipment. Due to the physical nature of ranging and breaking-out a period of time determined by the number of bales on prior orders, weather conditions, and available labor will be necessary for delivery of each shipment.  Ranging efficiency can be greatly improved if the locator id is factored in when selecting bales for each shipment. Separate shipping orders for each plant are accepted in writing or electronically (EWR) with bale numbers in numerical sequence with complete instructions. Bales delivered will match electronic warehouse receipts surrendered. Orders should included number of bales, marks, names of carriers, destinations, and other instructions necessary. Securing transportation is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the shipper. Each shipping order should include a genuine loading date for orderly delivery. Farmers will make every effort to meet genuine loading dates, as scheduled on our web site. A web site scheduling tool is available for providing shipping information. Call Albert or Mike for details. Farmers has adopted the cotton shipping standards of the CSA agreement as recommended by the CGWA, the national service organization for cooperative cotton warehouses. COMPRESSION Cotton stored at Farmers is delivered universal density. Bales compressed universal density at gins are identified in warehouse receipts as (5) GUD; Universal density compression performed by gins is purchased by Farmers and will be billed to shippers at the rate in this tariff. SAMPLING Numerical order of bale numbers is required. Owners’ signatures are required before loan or CCC cotton can be sampled. Sample orders submitted electronically or on diskette are encouraged. Contact Farmer’s office for details. Orders will be filled in the same sequence they are received. Stored samples are no longer available. All sampling will be done under Item 6. Please allow adequate time for bales to be unstored, sampled, and restored. ELECTRONIC WAREHOUSE RECEIPT SYSTEM (EWR) Farmers has entered into agreements with EWR, INC., cooperative gins and U.S. Department of Agriculture (FSA) to eliminate the handling of paper warehouse receipts in cotton marketing. Electronic warehouse receipts will be issued to the owners of the cotton. Title to bales covered by electronic warehouse receipts will be maintained by computers at Farmers and EWR, INC. EWR saves time and expense in shipping cotton. ANY SHIPPER may participate by executing an EWR Agreement with EWR, INC., and Farmers.

John Dunlap, Board Chairman
Ron Harkey, CEO/President


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